We provide eye care for all sorts of people and all sorts of problems. Vanessa and her staff are continually improving their knowledge and have additional training and interest in several important areas of eye health. Please find out more below.

We Do More Than Test Eyes! Good vision is so much more than just focus.

Ideal vision, sometimes called 20/20 vision, simply means that the person can clearly see a particular sized letter at 20 feet. Effective vision involves many different functions of the eye and brain.

The eyes are like cameras. They record 2 separate images. The brain interprets the information from the eyes and forms the two images into one. Binocular vision. At the back of your brain is a large area called the visual cortex, that is dedicated to this job. When the eyes do not work together as the brain expects, or the brain interprets the information in a way that is not helpful we can have problems.

In children, development of vision can be delayed, or altered by changed functions of the eyes and brain.

Optometrists can identify problems and help with focusing problems, eye disease management, vision improvement and function and many other important aspects of vision.